Medical Malpractice​


  • Unlimited jurisdiction civil medical malpractice matter pending in the Superior Court of California for the County of Los Angeles, successfully mediated. Plaintiff, a single woman in her 60s, brought an action against a corporation, a medical doctor, and a registered nurse all doing business as a Medi-Spa. Plaintiff’s alleged damages included the loss of a business and a hundred thousand dollars in medical expenses stemming from several severe infections after she received several facial injections known as Botox and fillers. Her complaint included allegations that the registered nurse fell below the standard of care in failing to cleanse the injection areas on her face, leading to having to endure additional antibiotic injections in her hip which cause additional infections on her hip. Hospitalization and time spent in a nursing home to rehabilitate her injuries added significant monetary damages to her claim for medical malpractice. Defendants answered by producing evidence that the medical procedure Plaintiff voluntarily sought has side effects that include the claimed damages Plaintiff articulated. Defendants also defended their actions by pointing out that Plaintiff’s business alleged as lost as part of her damages was shut down as a result of a failure to comply with regulatory measures in place for the benefit of providing the public sanitary conditions. Defendant also affirmatively alleged that the unsanitary conditions that cause the regulatory agency to shut down Plaintiff’s salon may have also caused her infections.