• Matter arising from an action filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court by plaintiff alleging violations of the Song-Beverly Act and fraudulent inducement and concealment by automobile manufacturer and distributor in selling the plaintiff a new automobile that was alleged to be defective as evidenced by a nationwide recall of the automobile. Plaintiff alleged the manufacturer/distributor was aware of a serious defect in the automobile years prior to the sale to plaintiff, did not disclose the defect to plaintiff at the time of sale, and did not follow through on warranty obligations to repair the defect without cost to plaintiff. Defendant denied plaintiff’s allegations, pointing to the high mileage of the automobile when sold.

  • Matter arising from action filed in the Riverside Superior Court. Plaintiff’s action included allegations that his car was defective as evidenced by the high number of days required for repairs. Plaintiff alleged the vehicle should have been repurchased by the manufacturer/distributor upon request made after plaintiff had been subjected to a high number of days the car had been in for repairs to address the same problems. Defendant alleged the repairs were not unduly numerous and satisfactorily and promptly taken care of.

Product Liability/Lemon Law